Pregnacare Capsule

Pregnacare প্রেগনাকেয়ার


Pregnacare Capsule is the preparation of Iron, Folic Acid, Vitamin B-Complex and Zinc. In the preparation, Iron is present as Iron B Polymaltose Complex, a novel Iron preparation, which contains non-ionic Ferric Iron and Polymaltose in a stable complex. This facilitates a controlled absorption of the Iron when it comes in contact with the mucosal cell surface. Being non-ionic, Iron Polymaltose Complex is more stable than the conventional Iron form. Folic Acid helps in the proper development of the baby. Zinc keeps enzymes working and helps metabolize proteins. Vitamins are essential for building up tissue and the release of energy from the breakdown of foods.

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Uses of Pregnacare Capsule

Prevention and treatment of Iron, Folic Acid, Zinc & Vitamin B-Complex deficiencies.

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Dosage and Administration 

One capsule daily. Two capsules may be required a day in severe cases or as directed by the physician.

* চিকিৎসকের পরামর্শ মোতাবেক ঔষধ সেবন করুন’


Pregnacare Capsule Price in Bangladesh

Pregnacare Capsule Unit Price is 3.00 taka and 50’s pack is 150.00 taka



Iron Polymaltose Complex + Folic Acid + Zinc + Vitamin B-Complex no drug interactions have been reported.



It is contraindicated in patients with a known hypersensitivity to any of the ingredients of this product.


Side Effects of Pregnacare

Generally well tolerated. Very few allergic reactions may be seen.


Pregnancy and Lactation

Recommended during pregnancy & lactation.



Store at a cool & dry place below 30°C temperature. protected from light & moisture Keep out of reach of children.