Coriflam Tablet



Coriflam is used especially in India and manufactured by AGRAWAL PHARMACEUTICALS. We cannot gather enough information about this brand. We have emailed the company to get detailed information about Coriflam as to why it is indicated and what are the side effects. Along with this dosage, contradiction, administration, lactation and pregnancy, caution and other additional information will be updated here very soon.

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The price of the Coriflam tablet is only 0.01 RS. and it is supplied as 1 strip of 10 tablets. If you need this brand then you can look into your nearest pharmacy. Even this tablet is also available in online medical stores in India. As we don’t have information about generics so we cannot publish the generics name.

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Coriflam Side Effects and Caution

Make sure, you are taking these tablets based on your physician’s advice. Be aware of the effects of using the medicine without a doctor’s advice.

If you have any information about this medical brand, then please Email us